Monday, October 15, 2012

Coheed and Cambria's 'The Afterman: Ascension' Track-By-Track: Video [Interview]


"The Afterman: Ascension," the sixth studio album from prog-rock staples Coheed and Cambria, hits stores on Tuesday (Oct. 9) and acts as the first half of a two-part epic ("The Afterman: Descension" will be released in February). Before the album release, frontman Claudio Sanchez sat down with Billboard to discuss the inspiration behind the band's latest rock opus.

"A lot of the songs are just really a recount of the things that I had gone through in the past two years," the 35-year-old singer tells Billboard. After Coheed came off the road in support of its 2010 album "Year of the Black Rainbow," Sanchez started writing about things that were "inspiring to me at that moment in time." It wasn't until he penned "The Afterman," which is the third song on the band's new album, that a story started to come together.

"My wife and I spent a day on a boat, and our cell reception was pretty poor," Sanchez says about "The Afterman" in his track-by-track breakdown of Coheed and Cambria's new album. "And when we got home, she had discovered on Facebook that a good friend of hers… had passed away. And I had never witnessed anything like that before -- this impersonal way to discover that you had lost somebody. And that moment kind of inspired me."

Meanwhile, first single "Domino the Destitute" is described as an anthem that captures the departure of bassist Mic Todd from the band. "It's sort of a play on the rise of this champion, only to find that that rise is really actually his demise, and all the things that come with that attention," Sanchez shares" —

*Click to listen to Coheed and Cambria's album 'The Afterman: Ascension'

"Coheed and Cambria continue their career-long Amory Wars story arc with their new album The Afterman: Ascension, the first of a two-part double album, The Afterman. Coheed and Cambria pack Ascension with theatrics and grandiose instrumentation for their sci-fi saga, but while title track "The Afterman" creates a lush, sprawling cosmic landscape, tracks like "Mothers of Men" and "Key Entity Extract III: Vic The Butcher" rip with jagged metal riffs, impending walls of booming drums and frontman Claudio Sanchez's mighty shriek. The adventurous tracks add up for another epic chapter in Coheed and Cambria's tale.

Coheed and Cambria feat. Claudio Sanchez (vocals & guitar), Travis Stever (guitarist),
Josh Eppard (returning drummer) & Zach Cooper (new bassist)

The Afterman: Ascension will be out October 9th. The second volume, The Afterman: Descension, is due in February 2013."

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