Monday, September 17, 2012

"Pyramids" – Frank Ocean feat. John Mayer. [SNL & Official Video]

ok, Ok, OK...many may know that I may not be the BIGGEST R&B fan but, But, BUT...whenever I go through a "heart-wrenching/depressingly-painful" break-up or in my case, a tragic occurrence of "unrequited love" — I tend to seek-out some of today's HOTTEST R&B artists in hopes that their music can console my achy, breaky heart.

Frank Ocean is One of Today's Hottest & Up n' Coming R&B Artists — the New Orleans native's humble beginnings was ghostwriting for Justin Bieber, John Legend & Brandy. His talents did not go unnoticed and Ocean eventually signed to Odd Future in 2010; an alternative Hip-Hop/Horrorcore group –led by Tyler, the Creator. Heck, I wouldn't be surprised if he was related to Billy Ocean (Frank Ocean, "Billy Ocean is my uncle. I'm just f*cking with you.")!

Brushing my outburst aside, Christopher Francis Ocean was in the midst of a "double-header" this past weekend when he performed w/ John Mayer on Saturday Night Live (September, 15th, 2012) and then followed-up w/ the "official" video release of his latest single, "Pyramids" – Frank Ocean feat. John Mayer. Produced by Frank Ocean, Malay & Om'Mas Keith.

Frank Ocean [Pyramids] from Christopher Francis Ocean on Vimeo.

The R&B Crooner released two "critically-acclaimed" albums in consecutive years: nostalgia, ULTRA (2011) & Channel Orange (2012)'s way cool that "orange" is my favorite but in case you're wondering, no –I am not gay.

Speaking of...Rapper Mac Miller stood behind Frank Ocean earlier this year when he publicly revealed his sexuality, "I think it was the dopest shit anyone's done this year," Mac Miller said. "Him coming out and being gay was cool as f*ck. Because it was like alright... No one's done that sh*t before. That's like risky as hell. And I'm sure there's a lot of people who could, but he made the illest music and then said that and people were like, 'Okay. Whatever. It doesn't matter. ... I am just curious as if he would have came out like that from the start, what would it be like. But I'm glad it happened. I think it was dope. That was legendary." — Billboard

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