Friday, November 16, 2012

Kahlúa — My Old Best Friend

White Russian cocktail - Vodka, coffee liqueur & light cream

Once upon a time...before I became a NYC club promoter, I made plans to go out partying w/ some of my younger boys (who recently began working in the corporate world) at E'TOILE, a Mid-town nightclub between Lexington & Park Avenues. I was there early on that particular night and played the waiting game.

Upon their arrival, we all passed around salutations and they began offering me drinks (though-out the night), "Yo Killa! What are you drinking? I got you!"

"Thanks! Let me get a White Russian!" I replied.

"A White what?" 'What's that?!" "A Russian who?"

"A White Russian is vodka, Kahlúa & milk!" I explained.

"Whaaa-aat?! isn't that a girlie drink?" "White Russians is for p*ssies!!"

"Girlie drink? Come again? Raekwon & Biggie both rap about drinkin' a Kahlúa & sippin' White Russians! So you're saying both Big & Rae p*ssies?!" I pointed-out.


Being the impressionable young bucks that they were — the whole crew began ordering White Russians all night long and actually started drinking them for the next couple of years.

~The End~

"I played the speaker, sipping a Kahlúa / Saw this bad b*tch wit a switch and yo, I had to step to her" – Ghostface Killah from "Wisdom Body"

"Sit back, cooling like Kahlua's on rocks. On the crack spots, rubberband wrapped on my knots." – Raekwon from "Incarcerated Scarfaces" 

"Blood rushin', concussions, ain't nothin / Catch cases, come out fronting, smokin somethin' / Sippin' White Russians, b*tch in the Benz bumpin'" – The Notorious B.I.G. from "Long Kiss Goodnight" 

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